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Welcome to Spysafe.com.au

NOTICE: This website is still under construction!
A few things don't work yet, and very many of the pages are incomplete. These will be edited and fixed up ASAP... See here for more about this.

New Website... In Progress

Spysafe.com.au is a new website which will be featuring information, tips, advice, ideas, and a bunch of other topics mostly related to IT and Cyber Security.

This page will be updated and significantly improved soon!

Residual Content

NOTE that a lot of the code and layout I used for this website came from an earlier website I made, about prepping. Some of the prepping-related content (and ads) are still here. Later on I'll edit and/or delete those pages. This layout needs a lot of web pages in it to work properly at all, so I've left many of the older pages in for now.

READ THIS SECTION FIRST: (If you haven't already seen it on another page here.)
Some general information about this new website is explained below.

I'll try to add at least one new page a day to Spysafe.com.au, and see how realistic it is for me to keep up with that workload (including during the holidays). I've been working on streamlining the process, so I can add pages easier and faster.

Since it's the Christmas holiday season, many of the new pages will be more general and somewhat lighthearted in nature. And perhaps somewhat off-topic in not mostly being about security-specific information — of which there will be more of as of January 2022, and onwards...


If you're new to the website, the games I wrote that you can play online on this site (in your browser) are probably the most interesting things here. Click here to see the games.

The most interesting games so far are probably Conqueror, Fast Draw (the poker machine one), and Eel (an improved version of the classic "Snake" game, but with an undersea theme).

There's also the Bandit Wargame, which isn't hosted here, but you can play it online — and it's a great way to learn Linux and security skills within a game-oriented style of learning.

Coming Soon on Spysafe

Here's a few things I'll try to add over the next couple of weeks, and also longer-term ideas for what might end up getting written about, depending on the level of interest there is for them:

  • Health-related content, including ways of improving back pain, and eating more healthy.
  • Introductory coding, including examples, and ways which might help make it interesting, and cut through the wall-of-complexity which can seem daunting and confusing (especially at first).
  • Some security-related news, including current events in the world of Cybersecurity.
  • How to get started with learning about Cybersecurity, including beginning Linux information.
  • Kali Linux, including how to install Kali in a VM (virtual machine).
  • Information about "how the internet works" at a top-down level.
  • Examples of other websites and IT projects I've worked on in the past (especially if I can copy and paste them easily into new pages).
  • Some other content from other websites which is at least somewhat relevant, that I can also copy and paste into web pages here quickly.
  • If I can't think of anything new on a given day I can always write about how some part of this website itself works internally, with code and database/SQL examples.
  • Anything else that seems like a good idea...

Why Another I.T. / Cybersecurity Website?

Considering that I've been into computers and IT for bascially all my life, and that I've made several websites before, including other niche/interest ones — it might seem odd that it's taken me until now to do one about computers.

The main reason I never made a website about IT before is that it seemed like it was the single most already over-filled niche there is — in terms of there already being at first a hundred, and then a thousand, and now literally millions of other websites which already cover these kinds of topics.

So it didn't seem like there was much I could add to that, other than just repetition.

Though now, it's almost like the situation has reversed in terms of need. There's so much information there, I think it's sometimes hard to sift through it all and somehow out of all that manage to land on the topics which are the most useful, important, and relevant — without missing out on a bunch of other things which you either didn't notice, or didn't have time to look at.

So my aim with this is to try and put something together which can highlight the most useful, fundamental, intereesting, and relevant topics.

From the date this site went online in December 2021, it will take a while to get there, but there I have pretty much a lifetime of content to add. So there is plenty of material already.

Also I thought it would be a good way to demonstrate some of my IT skills — using various kinds of live working examples, and instructional material.

Plus, I'm still learning a lot all the time, and all of that can now go onto this website too.

Unseen Realms

Computer and Internet technology has given us a world vastly different to that of only a few decades ago. Some of this is totally obvious — nearly everyone has smart phone now, and uses some sort of computer for many different things.

Yet there is also so much that's changed which has happened behind the scenes. The way that most of this new technology works is still a complete mystery to most people.

And along with that, the ways that many other unseen things are done has changed, too.

One of these, in particular is crime. And even warfare. Unseen battles are going on all the time, all around the world, which are totally invisible to most people. Many of them involve you — and more directly than you may realise.

Seeing Through the Fog

There is so much new material now it can be really hard to sort through it, and make sense of it.

This site is my attempt to help with this.

Much more to follow soon.....

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